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When you need to upgrade your home’s electrical wiring to accommodate new appliances, switches, and outlets, turn to Colwell Electric for quality work you can trust. Your family's safety is our top priority, so our Houston electrical wiring experts always work with the latest codes in mind to ensure that your home is safely wired for electricity.

Our electrical wiring services also include the installation of outlets, switches, and ceiling fans. Whether you need one outlet installed or a whole house rewiring, you can count on our team to complete the job.

Please get in touch with our team by calling us at (713) 940-6120 to find out more about our quality Houston electrical wiring services.

Signs Your Home May Need Rewiring

Rewiring a house is typically necessary under certain conditions, including:

  • Old Wiring: Houses constructed before the 1950s often have outdated wiring systems like knob-and-tube or aluminum wiring, which can pose safety risks due to wear and tear, insulation degradation, and insufficient capacity for modern electrical demands.
  • Frequent Electrical Problems: If you encounter frequent power outages, circuit breaker tripping, or flickering lights, it may indicate underlying electrical issues requiring rewiring for safety and reliability.
  • Overloaded Circuits: Using extension cords or power strips frequently to accommodate electrical devices might signify an overloaded electrical system, necessitating an upgrade to meet current needs.
  • Outdated Electrical Standards: Homes with electrical systems not complying with current building codes and safety standards may need rewiring to ensure occupants' safety and adhere to regulations.
  • Home Renovations: Major renovations or additions may require upgrading the electrical system to accommodate new appliances, lighting fixtures, or outlets.
  • Safety Concerns: Visible signs of electrical hazards such as exposed wiring, overheating outlets, or burnt odors warrant immediate inspection and potential rewiring to prevent fires or shocks.
  • Aluminum Wiring: Homes built during the 1960s and 1970s with aluminum wiring may need replacement or retrofitting with approved connectors due to the fire risk associated with oxidation.

It's essential to consult a licensed electrician for inspection and recommendations concerning rewiring if you're uncertain about your home's electrical wiring or experiencing any of the mentioned issues. Electrical work should only be performed by qualified professionals due to its potential dangers.

Why Choose Colwell Electric for Your Rewiring Needs?

When it comes to Houston electrical wiring, many handymen and do-it-yourselfers claim they can tackle the job on their own. While it is true that wiring a new appliance or adding outlets to your home can be a relatively simple task, it should not be attempted without the proper training and certification. 

Colwell Electric is the trusted choice for quality electrical services in Houston thanks to our extensive knowledge, experience, and safe business practices. When you trust your home rewiring to us, you can rest assured knowing that your safety is our top priority.

Comprehensive Whole House Rewiring Solutions

If your home is older and you are looking to update your wiring or upgrade your entire electrical system, you may need a whole house rewiring. This type of extensive electrical wiring project involves the wiring of new circuits and outlets throughout the home and the removal of the old, outdated wiring and equipment. Our team can help guide you through the whole house rewiring process, whether you want to upgrade your appliances or simply update your home’s electrical system. 

Call us at (713) 940-6120 or contact us online for quality Houston residential electrical wiring services you can count on. 

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    “So kind and helpful along the way of our house renovation.”
    “10/10 we loved working with Mike and his team. Mike was always so responsive and I love how creative he is when it came to redoing our electric and making it still aesthetically pleasing. Can’t recommend these guys enough!”
    - Nadine B.
    “Team was excellent!”

    I contacted Colwell Electric because lightning struck my home and damaged quite a few outlets and light fixtures. Mike D. took great care of me. He was helpful and answered all my questions. I am very pleased with their work and professionalism. 

    - Heather M.
    “Very professional, on time, quality work, overall 5 stars.”

    No other company came close to the cost I was quoted from Colwell Electric. A family-owned business that I highly recommend.

    - Mendi S.
    “What a great service you offer!!!”

    As Realtors, we are always looking to add value to our clients. I’m excited about the new product Colwell is offering to monitor the electric connections in my home. I have worried about shorts.....not anymore.

    - Gaye W.
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